About Us

Debbie, Jeff and I met 3 years ago at our job. We bonded very quickly and became very close trusting friends. We admired each other's strong work ethic and love of animals. We loved grooming the 4 legged babies but felt we were failing at creating a strong bond with their parents.  Our goal has always been to give the utmost of care and attention to each client. To focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY.  We strive  to make our last haircut of the day look as good as our first. It is very important to us to to make their grooming a calm and happy experience. We want our 4 legged friends to get excited to hear our names and come see us. Our goal is for them to associate THE TRIM ROOM with love and kisses and if Jeff has his way the occasional treat "shhhhh don't tell mom". Not be confused if this is the place with Doctors.  The year 2014 brought the 3 of us very real life changing moments Debbie's mother lost her long fight with alzheimers, Patsy's mother lost a kidney to cancer. And in Dec. Patsy had a stroke, Jeff was left to hold it all together. It was through this adversity that 3 like minded friends with very different strengths and weaknesses. Together we are strong.

Meet the Team